Male Registered AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi Born February 14, 2020. Parents are WillStar’s Thundering Lyla and Thorssen’s WillStar Bear.  Puppy comes with paid AKC limited registration, microchip, puppy vaccinations, biweekly Deworming,well socialized with kids and older dogs. Dewclaws removed and tails docked. DM clear o/r DM not at risk. Genetic Results pending.  Fed quality diet Acana dry puppy food.  Non-Refundable $200 deposit due to secure ownership.  All new puppy parents need to complete Puppy Parent Application and be approve before submitting deposit.  Ready for pick up April 20th 2020.  Due to Covid-19 we are not delivering.  Puppies must be picked up or ground transport must be arranged at cost of new owner.  Pick up date must be scheduled in advance.  We have a safe social distancing area available to complete paperwork and payment at pick-up.  

Sold Male AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi

  • 1.HEALTH GUARANTEE: The Breeder takes pride in producing healthy dogs with a wonderful temperament. The Breeder will provide documentation from a licensed certified DVM veterinarian for a health certificate, puppy vaccinations and wellness check prior to transfer/shipment.  The Breeder will provide documentation of the veterinary record of wellness check. AKC provides 30 days of pet insurance to the above dog at the date of registration transfer.  The Buyer agrees to have the dog visit a board-certified veterinarian within 30 days of receiving the dog for a wellness check.  The Breeder further guarantees for a period of 1 year this dog to be free from any inherited disease, which impairs long life, good health, and full function as a pet. If inherited disease/illness should occur and be diagnosed with in the first year in writing by a qualified veterinary specialist, the Breeder will offer two choices to buyer

    Choice A) replace this dog with a healthy dog of similar quality upon the return of the dog. The Buyer agrees to pay for all necessary shipping costs associated with returning of the dog and shipping cost for the replacement dog.   

    Choice B) The Buyer agrees to provide laboratory results proving diagnosis of a genetic disease.  The Breeder agrees to genetic test both the father and mother of the above dog for the hereditary disease.  In the event disease is proven hereditary by parentage the Breeder may make a monetary contribution toward veterinary expenses for a diagnosed genetic disease treatment up to by will not to exceed $1,000.  The Breeder has the right to choose the treating licensed veterinarian specialist to treat dog’s hereditary disease.  The Breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bills incurred by the Buyer.  This dog parents have been genetically tested and results have been given to buyer.  Breeder does not guarantee results. Genetic test results for this puppy are pending. 


    2.     BREED GUARANTEE: Breeder guarantees the above dog is an American Kennel Club registerable Pembroke Welsh Corgi purebred dog, offspring of the purebred sire (father) AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi  and purebred dam (mother) AKC Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


    3.         BREEDER'S LIFETIME COMMITMENT: The Breeder will take the dog back at any time during the lifetime of the dog. The Buyer understands that in the event of a life change and the Buyer is no longer able to keep the dog; the Buyer can arrange for the Breeder to find a new lifetime commitment owner and the Breeder will ensure the new owner agrees to the terms of this contract.  With this commitment, the Buyer should never consider euthanizing the dog or taking it to an Animal Shelter. The Breeder will not issue a refund or provide another puppy to the Buyer unless the dog's return falls under the Breeder's Health guarantee.  The Buyer agrees to pay for all necessary shipping fees in the event the Breeder will be taking the dog back. 


    4.         FITNESS OF PURPOSE: This dog is bred as a companion animal.   Although the dog maybe capable of excellence in obedience trials, show ring and/or breeding, no warranty is provided by the Breeder as to its fitness for any specific purpose. 


    • MICROCHIPPING: The Breeder agrees to microchip the dog and register it with the national registry for pet id microchips.  This dogs microchip # is:

    The Buyer will annually during veterinary health and wellness check-ups to have the microchip tested. The Buyer agrees to replace microchip every 5 years.  The Buyer agrees to update any changing information to the Breeder such as, address, phone transfer of ownership etc. 


    • GPS COLLAR: Upon pickup/shipment of a purchased dog.  The Breeder will provide an AKC Link GPS Collar and pay for the first month subscription. Collar will be registered with Buyers information.  The Buyer agrees to download the location app and monitor the dog’s location throughout the shipment process.  Once the dog arrives safely if the Buyer wishes to continue to use the collar the Breeder will transfer the collar ownership to the Buyer and payment subscription fee of $9.95 will be the responsibility of the Buyer after the first month.  If the Buyer does not wish to use the collar after arrival.  The Buyer agrees to mail the collar back to the Breeder with in 10 days of delivery of dog. 


    • ID TAG: The Breeder will provide two ID collars during shipment/delivery one with the Breeders name and phone number and one ID tag with pets name and the Buyers phone number. 



    BUYER'S COMPANION: The Buyer agrees that the dog will live with the Buyer as an companion.  The Buyer also agrees that he or she is not an agent for another person or business in this purchase.

    • VETERINARIAN HEALTH CHECK: The Buyer agrees to have a licensed veterinarian check the health of the dog within 3 business days after delivery of the dog. This is to ensure the Buyer's confidence in the health of the dog and to establish a veterinarian relationship. If there is a problem with the dog's health, please see the Breeder's Health Guarantee.  Buyer agrees to contact the Breeder in the event there is a health concern with the dog.  Due to COVID-19 Veterinary restrictions, three days has been extended to 30 days. 

    RELEASE OF PAPERS: Breeder agrees to pay for AKC registration of the purchased dog.  If the dog has Limited AKC Registration status, the Breeder will release documented registration papers when we have received proof from a certified DVM that she has been spayed

    • SPAY/ NEUTERING:  Unless the Breeder has given the dog full AKC Registration, the Buyer will schedule a licensed veterinarian to spay/neuter the dog by the age recommended by veterinarian.  To receive the dog's registration papers, the Buyer should send proof of neutering/spaying to the Breeder at the address shown at the bottom of this sales agreement, by email or via text messaging.   
    • GENERAL WELL BEING: To prevent unfortunate accidents and for the dog's general well being, the Buyer will keep dog in an adequate enclosed area when outdoors and will not allow the dog to roam at will.  The Buyer will not allow the dog to be off leash for the first 30 days during homing period. The Buyer WILL NOT chain or tether the dog permanently or for more than 4 hours outdoors or confine the dog in a kennel for more than 4 hours during the day and 8 hours overnight since research shows that this causes anti-social behavior in dogs. Also, the Buyer will provide nutritious food rated 5 stars by dog food reviews website.  The buyer will provide necessary health care by a board-certified veterinarian, including appropriate deworming including for heartworm and vaccinations including for rabies.